Pattern Compare

Pattern Compare Feature in ALIVE

The Pattern Compare feature in ALIVE enhances log analysis capabilities by allowing users to compare log patterns across different time periods. This feature is particularly useful for:

  • Tracking changes

  • Understanding trends in log data over time

Key features

Timestamp Selection: Users initiate the pattern compare feature by selecting specific timestamps of interest within the ALIVE interface.

Compare Log Display: Upon selecting timestamps, users can activate the "Compare Log" feature. This feature visually juxtaposes log patterns from different time periods, facilitating quick identification of variations or anomalies.

To compare patterns in the ALIVE tab, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ALIVE tab from the Search page.

  1. Select the COMPARE tab from the left side pane. You will see two charts, both of which are set to the global time range by default.

  2. To compare the charts, adjust the time range for chart B using the datetime picker. Select the desired time range to observe and analyse the patterns side by side.

  1. Once you select the time range and click on the apply button, it will load and display the pattern. Wait for it to load successfully.

  1. After the pattern is loaded, you can compare the pattern.

  1. Once pattern is loaded, you can compare the logs corresponding to the selected time range. Navigate to the left side pane and select the LOG COMPARE tab to analyze the logs associated with the generated pattern.


  • Efficiency: Reduces the time required to manually sift through logs by visually presenting pattern changes.

  • Accuracy: Enhances the detection of anomalies or unusual patterns that may indicate security breaches, performance issues, or operational changes.

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