Apica Ascent provides a set of Data Management Rules that help you manage your data. These rules are packaged into Rule Packs and are available on the Rules page.

Here are some of the Data Management Rules that Apica Ascent supports:

To access the inbuilt rules, simply click on the "Rules" menu in the navigation bar. From there, you can browse and manage your Rule Packs, and configure your Data Management Rules to suit your needs.

To view the rules within a specific Rule Pack, simply click on the corresponding Rule Pack. To add a new rule to an existing pack, click the "New Rule" button within the pack.

To view the currently active rules, navigate to the "Active Rules" menu. Here you can see a list of all rules that are currently active and being applied to your data.

To modify a rule, use the ellipsis button available on each rule to access the available actions. To deactivate a rule, simply uncheck the checkbox associated with the rule.

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