Rename Attributes

This feature allows the user to rename the log attributes before forwarding it to any destination.

Attribute is a piece of information which determines the properties of a field or tag.

Renaming log attributes will only work when logs are being forwarded to any destination.

You should use this feature if:

  • You want to increase cost savings

  • You want to decrease the payload size being forwarded

  • You want to rename the labels to maintain a set standard across teams

  • You want to rename the attributes to enhance the readability

To rename the log attributes you can head to the Create Rule page.

  • Go to the "Forward" section.

  • Fill the details that are asked such as "Name", "Group", "Description", "Namespace", "Application Match", and if you want you can add more parameters.

  • Toggle the "Forward Labels" button, and select the Labels that are to be Forwarded to the destination.

  • Toggle the "Rename Labels" button, and Select the labels that have to be renamed before they are forwarded.

  • You will be able to see all the selected labels and Input fields corresponding to every labels, Rename the labels according to your needs.

  • Click "Create rule" button.

  • Now, this Rule is created and it can be previewed in "Active Rules" page.

NOTE: You should make sure that multiple rules are not active on a similar namespace, otherwise, both rules will be applied which will result in duplicate data being forwarded.

Editing Renamed Labels

To edit the renamed labels you should go to "Active Rules" page.

  • You will be able to see the renamed labels in the red tags.

  • You will get the "Edit Rule" option from the three dots at the end of the row.

  • Clicking on the Edit Rule will open a modal which has a table with all the old label names and the corresponding new label names.

  • You can edit any of the fields, you can add new labels which have to be renamed, you can even delete a mapping.

  • After clicking "Update" button, this forward rule will be updated and the changes will be reflected across the Apica Ascent system.

You will be able to see the Renamed Labels in red tags. Each tag shows the old label name and the new labels name in the format LABEL➤RENAMED_LABEL.

You will be able to:

  • edit a existing label name and renamed label

  • delete a renamed label mapping

  • add new labels to rename

After mapping forwarder to namespace, this rule will start working and all the logs which are being forwarded will have the renamed attributes instead of the default attributes.

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