MySQL Server

Apica Ascent lets you connect to your MySQL easily and provides a rich Query editor to Query your MySQL using its natural syntax.

All your queried results are cached, so you don't have to wait for the same result set every time, also Apica Ascent helps you to visualize your data gathered from queries.

Adding MySQL Server Data Source to Apica Ascent

The first step is to create a MySQL data source and provide all details mentioned below

  • Name: Name the data source

  • Host: This is your server address

  • Port: The port of the MySQL Server

  • User: A user of the MySQL Server

  • Password: The password for the above user

  • Database name: The name of the database of the MySQL Server

Optionally you can use the SSL protocol for the secure transaction of information

That's it. Now navigate to the Query editor page to query your data

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