Object store (S3 Compatible)

Explore how to seamlessly ingest data from any S3 compatible object storage into Apica Ascent

Apica Ascent can ingest data directly from any S3-compatible object storage. Head over to the App extensions to create an object importer app extension.

You can find App extensions under the Explore menu

Once inside the App extension menu, select AWS S3/Compatible Object store

Create the extension and provide the settings for accessing your object store bucket. The settings menu provides options that allow customization that is specific to vendor object store implementations.

And that is all you need. Your data from the Object store bucket will show up as a flow in the Apica Ascent platform

Persisting data in the Object store after processing

By default, the s3 compat ingest plugin will pull all your files under the prefix you mentioned, push it to Apica Ascent, and it will remove the files which are processed. This section will help you to take a backup of your files.

S3 Compat will push all your files to a separate bucket before deleting them from the source bucket. To configure a bucket for taking a backup, you should provide the name of the bucket in the destination bucket form field in the input plugin modal. The files will be stored with the structure used in the source bucket.\

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