JSON Import

Creating Dashboards

  • Expand the Create option from the navbar and click on Dashboard. A popup will prompt you to enter the dashboard name.

  • Click the toggle button on the right corner for the data-explorer dashboard.

  • Enter a name for the dashboard.

  • Enter the URL for your JSON Schema.

  • Click on Save. You will be navigated to the data explorer dashboard.

Making a JSON Schema

  • A JSON schema serves as a structured template for creating monitoring dashboards. Please Refer to this for Example: Json Schema Template

  • Here are its components:

    • Tabs: Organize widgets into tabs for easy navigation and categorization of metrics and queries.

    • Header: Includes options for date-time range selection and dropdown menus for selecting specific atoms (monitored systems or nodes), allowing global control over all widget time ranges (Relative and Absolute).

    • Queries List: Each tab contains a list of queries that retrieve specific metric data from the monitoring system. Specifying an alert key automatically creates an alert with defined options.

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