Apica Ascent comes with a number of integration options for ingest and incident management.


Ingest lets you connect with and securely ingest data from popular log forwarding agents, cloud services, operating systems, container applications, and on-premise infrastructure. You can secure data ingestion from your endpoints into Apica Ascent by generating a secure ingest token.

Apica Ascent currently integrates with over 150+ data sources via support for popular open source agents and open protocols. See below for links on how to enable specific integrations.

You can also ingest logs from endpoint devices running:

Log based HIDS

Apica Ascent's support for logs based HIDS enables data ingest directly from log based hids agents. Supported agents are as follows

Incident management

Users can choose a variety of incident management integrations to bring reliability into your production operations.

Apica Ascent data collect agent - logiqcoll

Multiple data collection packages are combined and automate the installation and management using the script from tarball logiqcoll.tgz. The data collection agent consists of

  • Prometheus metrics data collector

  • Fluent-bit log data collector

  • Prometheus node exporter that produces Linux system OS metrics data

  • OSSEC agent

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