Apica ASM

Pull Check results from Apica's ASM

The Apica Source Extension is a component designed to integrate with the Apica Synthetics and Load test platform. Its main purpose is to retrieve check results from the Apica platform and make them available for further processing or analysis within another system or tool.

This checks can also be forwarded to further downstream destinations for further processing.

Steps to create Apica ASM Source Extension

  • Navigate to the Integrations page and click on the New Plugin button and select Apica option.

  • Provide the Plugin Name of choice and click Next.

  • Enter your Apica ASM platform credentials.

  • Configure your resource requirements and click Next.

  • Finally enter URL of Apica ASM Instance, Timezone, Version of Apica Source Extension Plugin and Number of workers to be used for the Apica data pull.

After entering these details, click on the Done button.

After creation of the Apica ASM source extension, you will see the check data which will have all the check details.

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