Amazon Redshift

Apica Ascent helps you to connect to your Redshift Cluster to easily query your data and build dashboards to visualize data easily

The first step is to create a Redshift Cluster, please navigate to get started with Amazon Redshift

Adding Redshift to Apica Ascent

The second step is to create and add Redshift to Apica Ascent and add fill out the below fields and save

  • Name: Name the data source (e.g. Redshift)

  • Host: The full URL to your instance

  • Port: The port of the instance endpoint (e.g. 3306)

  • User: A user of the instance

  • Password: The password for the above user

  • Database name: The name of the virtual database for Redshift (e.g. Redshift1)

That's it. Now navigate the Query editor page and start querying your data

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