Using Pre-defined Dashboards


You can get more out of the monitoring dashboard when it monitors various aspects of your target. Building that kind of dashboard with more tricky queries can be time-consuming and delay you from knowing more about your application and infrastructure.

We help you to build a viable dashboard with a few clicks by providing you with pre-defined dashboards for some of the most common use cases.

Import Dashboard

  • Expand the dashboards option from the navigation bar

  • Click on the Import dashboard

  • You will be navigated to the import dashboard page where you will be provided with some of the pre-defined dashboards

  • Click the import button for the dashboard

  • You will be displayed with a pop-up that will ask you for providing the dashboard name and datasource which will be used by the queries in the dashboard widgets

  • After providing the inputs, click Import. You will be navigated to the dashboard page

Apica Ascent also includes a grafana dashboard import section where popular grafana dashboards can be directly imported into Apica Ascent. See section on Grafana Dashboard import for how to use that capability.

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