Import Grafana Dashboards

Grafana is an open-source tool for building monitoring and visualization tools. It has a public repository with thousands of dashboards published and maintained by its community which is being used by millions of people for monitoring their infrastructure.

We are providing some popular dashboards from their public repository for you to monitor.

Steps to Import Grafana Dashboard

  • Navigate to the import dashboard page

  • Click Import Button under the grafana dashboard

  • Select the type of target which you want to monitor. You will be provided with the list of dashboards available for the selected target

  • Click the view button to get details of that dashboard

  • Click select to import the dashboard

  • Provide a name for the dashboard and select the datasource which will be used by the widgets

  • Click Import. You will be redirected to the dashboard

Supported Monitoring Targets

  • FluentBit

  • Go Application

  • Kafka

  • Kubernetes

  • Redis

  • Postgres

  • Prometheus

  • Node

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