Release Version 1.2.0

NOTE: This release bumps the metric index version from 4 to 5. Upon restart, new indexes will be built and the old ones will be deleted. This process will use a significant amount of memory while the indexes are being rebuilt. It will also cause the first post-update boot to take longer than usual.

  • Update index version from 4 to 5.

  • Automatically clean up old index versions on startup to make sure outdated indexes don't clog the disk.

  • Fix Ubuntu 20.04 specific bug where nodes could crash when trying to clean up status files when rolling up raw shards.

  • Fix issue with level indexes where data was being lost when deleting metrics on levels where the metric has multiple tags.

  • Fix issue where level indexes were incorrectly reporting that levels existed when all underlying metrics had been removed.

  • Add new API endpoints, /compact_indexes and /invalidate_index_cache, that allow forcing compaction and cache invalidation for specific accounts, respectively.

  • Fix rollup bug where raw shards could be prematurely deleted if a rollup was aborted due to corruption.

  • Fix various potential memory corruption issues.

  • Fix issue where jlog journal data could get corrupted.

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