Share Search Results

Apica Ascent's built-in search engine makes the search queries you build and run in Apica Ascent and their search results instantly shareable. You can share searches via a generated URL that enables your search queries to be reusable within the queried namespace/applications. It also allows other teams who don't have access to your Apica Ascent instance to view search results.

Once you share a search result, Apica Ascent stores the search keywords, query, namespace, applications, time range, and the search results themselves for 30 days.

To share a search result, do the following:

  1. Once you've created a search worth saving and sharing, click the Share search results icon in the toolbar.

  2. Name your search.

  3. Toggle the Share button to generate a shareable URL.

  4. Copy and store the generated URL for future use.

You can now share this URL in any way you please. Those who access this URL will be able to view and sort through the search results you shared.

Note: URLs generated for sharing search results will expire after 30 days.

Accessing Shared Searches

Apica Ascent saves shared searches for quick access in the search bar under Favorites. You can access Favorites by clicking the Show Favorites button in the search bar.

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