Apica Ascent's built-in monitoring engine is compatible with Prometheus, Thanos, and VictoriaMetrics. It offers a scalable monitoring tier that automatically uses S3-compatible storage for the metrics sent or generated by the platform providing easy scaleout with zero storage overheads.

If you are using an existing time-series database, no worries. Apica Ascent allows external time-series database connectors to query them directly. Once connected, you now have a lot more capabilities enabled and available for your time-series data.

E.g. if you are using InfluxDB, just use our InfluxDB connector, and you can start querying data directly from InfluxDB. Not only that, you can now apply our built-in AI/ML capabilities for ANY time-series data, and viola, your InfluxDB gets full AI/ML capabilities such as anomaly detection, data baselining, forecasting, applying statistical models, visualization, and CRON style reporting.

In summary, Apica Ascent offers various ways to gather and utilize application and infrastructure metrics.

  • Query external Prometheus compatible Datasource

  • Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP) Datasource

  • External databases such as InfluxDB or time-series data in databases like Postgres, MySQL, Elastic, etc.

The next few sections describe how to connect and query your metrics data in Apica Ascent. For using Apica Ascent's Prometheus Remote Write capabilities to push your metrics into Apica Ascent see here.

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